Routine and Advanced Dentistry

From routine rasping to advanced extraction techniques & endodontics with mobile digitial x-rays and oroscope....

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Reuben is a certificate holder in equine surgery and has performed many surgeries including neurectomies, splint removals, complicated castrations, inguinal hernias, eye enucleations, sinus surgery and much more. Many of these surgeries can be performed at your yard and if not we have the facility to perform these at our premises.

Lameness Investigations

Full horse side diagnostics and treatment including nerve and joint blocks, radiograpy, ultrasonography, PRP and stem cell treatment and shock wave therapy.

Pre- purchase Examinations

2 and 5 stage vettings including digital xray on site if required

Reproductive Services

Between us we have over 15 years experience with both fresh and frozen artificial insemination with great success.

Gastroscopes & Respiratory Scopes

Our brand new, mobile, gastroscope is compact, lightweight and easy to bring to your yard or come to one of our clinics.

£10 Passing Visits

For routine appointments such as dental checks and vaccinations, lots of appointments available if you are flexible.