Reuben will be working as a sole vet and undertaking all the usual Equine (and Alpaca) services.

Routine and Advanced Dentistry

From routine rasping to advanced extraction techniques & endodontics From routine rasping to advanced extraction ...

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Reuben is a certificate holder in equine surgery and has performed many surgeries including neurectomies, splint removals, complicated castrations, inguinal hernias, eye enucleations, sinus surgery and much more. Many of these surgeries can be performed at your yard and if not we have the facility to perform these at our premises.

Lameness Investigations

Full horse side diagnostics and treatment including nerve and joint blocks, radiograpy, ultrasonography, PRP and stem cell treatment and shock wave therapy. Reuben is also a firm advocate of the Arcequine therapy system and is working in conjuction with the manufacturer to further prove its efficacy using real life case studies.

Pre- purchase Examinations

2 and 5 stage vettings including digital xray on site if required

Reproductive Services

Reuben has over 10 years experience with both fresh and frozen artificial insemination with great success.





Come and meet Reuben at the Powdermills Hotel, Battle at 7pm on 22nd March,2018 to hear more about the service he is offering and enjoy a glass of bubbly and some nibbles. For a free ticket to this event please email with the name of each attendee to